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Whenever its tried to change the virtual background for cisco webex meetings, it gives this error that your computer doesn't meet the requirement. However, it meets the requirement and not only for webex specification but for Teams and Zoom as well. ...

 Fix this issue:  Move HA/Failover Link to other ports than port 1/7 + 1/8, if possible. - Break HA - Move the physical cable(s) used for HA link - Establish HA again Disable PoE on port 1/7 + 1/8 -> Deploy configTry to upgrade now.  Iif it fails do ...

Hello Cisco Community. We are in the middle of implementing DNAC to ServiceNow Integration, for a client of ours. This same error with AP Sensors causing a CMDB sync failure is happening. I don't see any workaround (other than remote the AP Sensors) ...

DanTembe by Beginner
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In the Bug description it says that the bug first appeared in vers (,, . What product are you referring to? My  ver of FMC is 6.6.1. There isnt a ver 2.x that i can find.

cmazur by Beginner
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Hello Cisco Colleagues, I have been trying to figure out the solution for the workaround suggested for the CSCvg93026.After I migrated the CUCM Pub from 10.5.1 to 12.5.1(SU3), the OS Admin and DRS access has stopped. Web Admin via Single Sign on Work...

Cisco Jabber can register on the internal network but failed from external network on ExpE i'm getting the error below : Room system license limit reachedA TelePresence room system registration failed because there were no available room system licen...

gnassour by Beginner
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