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CSCui75720 - ASDM launcher AnyConnect profiles not loading on Windows;OK with Java

Ricky S

I can't be the only one in the world with this issue.  Wondering if anyone else is running into this issue and how are you working around it.  I followed all suggestions by Cisco's bug tool but neither works for me.  I tested on several PCs all running a mix of operating systems (including one with Kali Linux) but keep running into this issue.



Accepted Solutions

For all those that may come across similar issue in future,  patching the ASA to fixed this issue for me.  I am now able to load up Profile editor without any issues.



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Ricky S

Also just want to add that the workaround suggested on the Bug page about running ASDM in Java only no longer applies.  Since March of this year Firefox has disabled support for Java Webstart,  Chrome done away with it last year I believe. IE doesn't work either.  So we are pretty much dead in water.


We are in version ASA 9.8.2 and ASDM version 7.10.1 and still have the same issue on my windows 10.

A message seeing:

"Please wait while ASDM is validating the XML profile against the latest AnyconnectProfile.xsd schema."

and this message still there for ever, the only option is to close the window and it ask to exit ASDM and the issue continue each time you relaunch ASDM


Is there any real solution for that ?



I think this is most likely a bug in the ASDM software.   I don't think it has anything to do with ASA version (I am running 9.8(2)).  It most definitely occurs with Java ASDM installs (running Java install on Ubuntu BioBeav). 


The "Please wait.." pop-up appears when ASDM accesses an  AnyConnect client profile XML file either on the ASA or local file system (Validate button).  There do seem to be circumstances where the problem goes away but I am never sure what I did to achieve this.


In any case, it appears you can edit the profile if you simply ignore the pop-up until your changes are written to disk.


Try this work-around:

  • Open ASDM
  • Navigate to Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) Access > AnyConnect Client Profile
  • Select the profile you wish to edit (for most of us there will be just the one already selected).
  • Export and save a copy of the profile to your local filesystem as a precaution - always have a backup!
  • Press "Edit".  Both the Editor and the offending "Please wait..." Status pop-up will appear.
  • Make whatever changes you desire in the AnyConnect Client Profile Editor.
  • Press "OK".  The offending Status pop-up remains BUT your changes should be pending and "Apply" should be active.
  • Press "Apply".  Your changes will be written to disk0:/ on the ASA.
  • Minimize ASDM main page (pop-up moves behind ASDM when you press the Apply button).
  • Close the pop-up (X in the upper right corner). 
  • A new "Interrupt Configuration Loading" pop-up will appear.
  • Press "Continue".
  • Restore ASDM and press "Refresh" button to reload the running configuration into ASDM

It is important to Refresh ASDM immediately after you press Continue or it may be in an inconsistent state.


Now if I can only figure out how to get dual certificates working ..... 

For all those that may come across similar issue in future,  patching the ASA to fixed this issue for me.  I am now able to load up Profile editor without any issues.



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