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CSCuv61271 - Windows DHCP BAD_ADDRESS for Access Points - 2

John LaFrance

To release the "bad addresses", log into your DHCP server, find the DHCP subnet in question, select all of the "BAD_ADDRESS" entries and delete them. The access-points should immediately reacquire an IP address and rejoin the controller.

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Javier Acuña
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Thanks for communicating with the cisco community, it is very important to verify that the port where the pc is connected has the correct vlan configuration and the layer 3 device has the help address of the DHCP Server configured, in some cases it does not count only remove the addresses on the server but also locate the layer three device and remove the ARP record on the device or Devices if it has HSRP or VRRP configurator.

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