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CSCvn37402 - 2960L hung up suddenly without any syslog output


It is troubled by occurrence also in 15.2.6 E 2 ED and 15.2.6 E 2 b ED.

The affected Verison is 15.2 (6), but if it is 15.2.5 E 1 ED it will not be affected by this bug?

Known Affected Releases: (1)
15.2 (6) E1


We're experiencing this issue. I've received notifications about updates to the bug and known fixed releases, however, those appear to be engineering releases. Any word on when a GA release will occur incorporating the bug fix? Our Cisco reps aren't answering me on this.

Looks like the bug is fixed in 15.2(7)E which was just released. Would be nice to get 15.2(6)E3 released, assuming it'll be fixed in that release. I'm hoping to stay with a somewhat more mature code release. Don't want any more problems.


I had an issue yesterday - switch lights were on as usual, but no access to anywhere and also at least two poe devices were powered off. No crash logs, everything is ok after reboot.

Running 6 E2b. Is that the same issue? Will try 7E today, but it will be critical for the next week if reoccurs.

Vlad, how did 15.2(7)E work out for you?

I was just digging through the release notes for 15.2 code in general, link:

Way at the bottom, under the heading for 2960-C and 2960-Plus, is a page for release notes for 2960L on 15.2(6)E3 on 2960-L, link:

They mention that this bug is fixed. Yet, the software isn't available for download on the 2960L software page. Hoping it will be any day now.

Eglinsky2012, It's rock-solid since the upgrade.

I think these versions are valid for other products. If you can select product by clicking "15.2.(7)E" on that page: probably it will open.

(I cannot select anything different than IE3000, as the list hides too fast, randomly clicked on 2960C and it has also 15.2.7E)

Looks like I might have to give 15.2(7) a try. 15.2(6)E3 is trash. Uplink shows no packets coming or going, switch sees no CDP neighbors, STP Bridge Assurance is blocking all the VLANs on the uplink. Removing "spanning-tree portfast network" from the uplink doesn't help. Rolling back to 15.2(6)E2A restores connectivity. Out with one problem (theoretically), in with another, as usual.