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CSCwi80323 - Jabber 14.3 has issues with jabra headsets

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The workaround by replacing the DLL works, but it is important that it is the DLL from 14.2 and not older.

This also affects Jabra Speak products.

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I am having this issue as well. Which DLL needs to be replaced?

JabraJabberPlugin.dll from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\Cisco Jabber\accessories"
this file is version 9 and the new one (the problem one is v10)
I suggest a reboot or at least close jabber and reopen it

However I am getting reports that my agents still have issues with the Jabra headsets 

After taking the "middle man" out I was able to confirm my agents have no issues after replacing the DLL (Friday end of the day this happen)

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Status is fixed but yet there is no official update.

Do we have to wait months for an update? Previously we had 14.2, which is no longer working because of Edge browser. And 14.3 is also a kind of dead end right now without Jabra support. A lot users using the headset buttons.

Not sure why is marked as fixed either.
From our experience, it is working with wired headsets but not with the Bluetooth Jabra models (e.g. Evolve 65).

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This (headset button not working) is a problem on Macs running Jabber 14.3 too. There are no dlls on a Mac to try the work around either.

14.3(1) fixed the issue.

14.3.1 did not fix it for our Mac users. I downgraded back down to 14.1.1 and the headset can answer with that version.