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Unable to install license because of

Cisco 5020 unable intall license. have 8 install keys none will install. reason is diffrent to size of name to long to no feacher pack is inclueded, thing i dont understand cisco downloads my miaching information cisco knows what version software i running what hardware is there they know everything, and they are unable to make a key that will work , now each these keys say they perment SERVER this_host ANY VENDOR cisco INCREMENT SAN_EXTN_OVER_IP c isco 1.0 permanent 1 \ HOSTID=VDH=JAF1338BMEB \ NOTICE="202001111913052371 \ " SIGN="1429 64B1 DD40 A4AB 854B C81C 1257 F150 EA9E 9C95 7C8D \ 2217 27C5 9C53 E54F 1FFA 8AD0 6B22 305A 1B2C 1EF9 333D 5032 \ 0CA5 46B5 301F 8D2B C9E0 64C3 FC49" wont install name to long ERVER this_host ANY VENDOR cisco INCREMENT LAN_BASE_SERVICES_PKG cisco 1.0 permanent uncounted \ VENDOR_STRING=MDS_SWIFTN5K-BASE-EVAL \ HOSTID=VDH=S SI133600Q3 \ NOTICE="202001081234312801 \ " SI GN=7BD2E7166120 wont install note how very diffrent they are ERVER this_host ANY VENDOR cisco INCREMENT LAN_BASE_SERVICES_PKG cisco 1.0 permanent uncounted \ VENDOR_STRING=MDS_SWIFTN5K-BASE-EVAL \ HOSTID=VDH=SSI133600Q3 \ NOTICE="202001081234312801 \ " SIGN=7BD2E7166120 wont install no feacher pack wont install each these lic files so very diffrent and cisco wont provide help why becuase they have no idea why they wont install, fack is these lic are base off the newest ios out not the ios i have as each are diffrent notace some dont have the same information some information sound be static, yeat each and every one is missing key infomration, now cisco clames they dont collet personal information they do, in fack they take all information needed to log in to a system system name ip address, cisco name hard coded in radius cant be removed, they can push down these lic and install them at will, in fack the mib files alow them push down updates to unit, that they wont ack sujest that they dont understand what probem is, well when software is built in chana and no one else understands it, it falls back on them makesing the codeing to fix it but again they wont, u spend 15k for a unit that has life span of 20 years they refuse to help becuase they no longer support it, rap u mind around that ibm can make a server 22 years old still support it yeat cisco wont, or maybe they just cant get kind of access they want on the units, now i aks 3 times for help to get the keys installed unit had keys that was permit to unit cisco removed them, and when i told cisco i was able pull this information off there servers cisco removed the information, are they here help us or just stell our data, as there never been a time they ever help me i allways had resove my own probemes, that allways a codeing probem and they was unwilling to help fix it becusase to fix it was above there pay grade, so i disover something, mib files could be change in a way, there lic server wants these servers on line each boot up gose to there servers why, if it leagle first time why do they need check but they not just checking for lic but how u configer the unit, they want know how make software better so they steel the information user name machine name password as they take running config, i got ask for busness makes so much money who bigger threat the hacker or this busness, they refuse help me for one reason they cant, each you have probems cisco cant wont fix file compant with fed traid commition they get enfouf complants they will ack, time for this allways broke software to end they right software that near perfic they wont, no money in something never needs fix so they break it, i dont this all my life have add cant spell hell cant remeber most my past but i know comptuers and cisco and i know one thing they can never write a program that is perfick no matter how much they spend it is be on them to do so they foce u upgrade upgrade just face new probems, whos real probem here the 1000s of people have same probem or cisco refuses to fix a code prob and force down up dates again they have access to all units i seen them work, but they just cant get it right and they being paid far to much money to keep screwing it up
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i did forget what cisco dosent tell u the dhmi port in front each this for 40 ch connetion between extenders, and yes a hdhi cable newest version will work, will link units togather va 40 chan link what i cant decren is if i got a hmdi devider to devide the link would work, i am thinking this was ment for a plug in device, that each extender would plug in to this, but they had probem in banwith, i see the cpu is much to slow, in order to do this right and i do meen do it right i would take a nivida telsa card intergrated it in the router this would offload most cpu task, it would ack make banwith 400 times what it is current, but to bad there no way to ack plug a nivida card into a slot and work or is there, >????? heres a idea, get server that can handle 16 bit pcie cards and power, add two nvidia cards to it, use 10 gig cards what 4 of them, 2008 server work set to routeing, use ssd pcie card to run it not sas or sata now trasfer speed should be off loaded to server not nexes, in this case we moveing brans of box to a server to incress banwith throw out the hole network quistion would such a idea work awaser must test it to discover and i have such a system to do this with
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