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Cisco Business Dashboard Status - Disconnected



Attempting to connect a CBS350 to the Cisco Business Dashboard, but the status remains "disconnected".


The probes are disabled on the switch and the dashboard, as we do not wish to have the probes running.

Renewing the self-signed certificate to include the dashboard IP (and uploading it to the switch) made no differencce.


Any suggestions would be very helpful!


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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The probe has to be enabled for the CBS350 switch to be managed by dashboard.  Only one switch in each site needs to have the probe enabled and the CBD connection configured, but the probe is required.  The CBS350 platform does not support direct management.


Can you tell me more about why you want to have the probe disabled?




The Dashboard status remains disconnected on the switch even with the switch probe and the Dashboard probe enabled.


The Dashboard probe has not detected the CBS350, but has discovered non-CBS switches. The switches are all on the same VLAN with Bonjour and PNP enabled. The CBS can ping the dashboard.


Am I missing something obvious?



Hi Eddie,


If everything is on the same VLAN, you can leave the embedded probe on the switch disabled and just use the probe running in the dashboard.  As to why the probe embedded in the dashboard  VM is not discovering the CBS switch, that is a bit harder.  Based on what you describe, it should be discovering it without any problem.  To get to the bottom of this problem, we are going to need some more information.  Could you PM me the following:

  • A network diagram showing how everything is connected together
  • A configuration backup from the CBS switch
  • Discovery debug logs from the local probe.  To collect these, do the following:
    • Click on the local network in the network page, and then click the Settings button on the network slide out
    • Select the Log setting tab on the network detail screen.  Set the log level to debug and uncheck everything except the Discovery checkbox.
    • Go to the network topology page and select the rediscover network action.
    • Once the topology is displayed again, go back to the main network page, click on the local network, and then click on the show tech button on the Actions tab and send through the resulting show tech file.

Another option that will probably be a bit quicker is to log a support case using the local phone number listed at  Then you can talk to an engineer who will work through the problem with you live.  But either way, we will get to the bottom of this.





Just an update if anyone else has similar issues, the CBS needs to have SNMP enabled for the CBD probe to discover it. 

SNMP is disabled by default on CBS.


Still working through why the CBS Dashboard status is disconnected. 

The CBS Dashboard was able to connect to the CBD after disabling the CBD probe and renewing the CBD's self-signed cert for 1 month (instead of no expiry) and of course adding the cert to the switch.


The switch is now the probe instead of the CBD's probe - the CBD probe does not need to be enabled.

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