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Happy Holidays!

Tom Yoritaka

The Cisco Support Community team wishes all a safe, restful & happy holiday season.

Thank you all for making the community such a special place for everyone!

Tom Yoritaka, Director, Cisco Support Community

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Rising star

Hi Tom,

You can find my postcard for everyone in my profile photo.

Would it be possible to have a small parade of CSC team members in this thread? Please do not post using a ciscomoderator persona, although that might be interesting as well. In such a case, we will try to guess who that might be!

I'm especially interested to see Litsa post. I think we had exchanged some e-mails a couple of years ago about a networkers event.

Best wishes,



I’ll be the first CSC team member to be a part of the parade.

Over the past 10 years CSC has been a big part of my life.  I remember first launching CSC/NetPro at the end of 1999 and being excited about getting 10 member posts per week.  Dare I say we’ve come a long way.   The collective knowledge from hundreds of thousands of members across the world is an amazing thing.  I want to thank all of you for making CSC the most welcoming and helpful technical community on the web.  2010 has been great and I look forward to 2011!

Happy Holidays.



Cheers, Dan

Thanks Tom.

Hi Maria,

My passion towards the support community grew from the time we had Cisco Support Wiki (Beta). The quest to create more user friendly interface & re-define experience brought us together on a new & improved platform which is now called CSC.

My work revolves around the Globalization strategy, enabling users to collaborate across borders and cultures & offer world class support solutions to Cisco's customers regardless of location.Also creating CSC help docs and designing best practices around Goverance & Moderation aspect.

As it is said "None of us is as smart as all of us", lets make CSC more smarter in 2011 with the power of collaboration.

Wishing everybody Happy holidays & a Happy new year!!!



Hi/Yeia sou Maria!

It's great to hear from you and see that you continue to actively participate on the community! I have been part of this great team for the past 8 1/2 years and the journey has been amazing! I remember the days when I was going to different Cisco teams presenting and introducing the concept of the NetPro community while today our growth is just incredible! We have so many people participating and sharing a wealth of information all the time!

The Cisco Support Community has become a great community because of all of you - everyone's contributions and daily support! Thank you for another great year!

I love to get our community members feedback and suggestions on our programs so keep it up!

On a personal note, one of these days I might be visiting Crete and I would love to meet you in person. I go back home every year and I usually go to the mainland as well to see part of my family there - Crete is not far :-)

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!

Xronia - Polla.

With warm regards,



Hello all,

Its been a pleasure to be part of the the Cisco Support Community experience and be able to collaborate and share with users like you. We look forward to another great year of collaboration on CSC in 2011.

Happy Holidays!


Vidhya Srinivasan Manager, Cisco Support Community


Hi everyone,

2010 has been a lot of fun as we've seen the community grow by leaps and bounds, both on this website, as well as across our social media channels. I look forward to keeping the same momentum alive, and wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2011!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Here is the ciscomoderator post!

*.* ~  HaPpY HoLiDaYs ~*.*

Hi all

Without wishing to sound too sentimental (British stiff upper lip and all that ) just wanted to say thanks to everyone who makes CSC what it is. In the time i have been participating it's grown beyond all expectations and i know that there is a very dedicated team at Cisco that makes all this happen.

Happy hols to all


Hello Everyone!

It's been a pleasure working with this community, nurture it and see it grow in numbers and strength.2010 has been great and we promise to bring you  even more in 2011. I wish you all haapy holidays and a prosperous new year ahead.

Happy Holidays


The parade is way cooler than I originally imagined! I will respond to your comments after the parade is over, because I don't want to post something really huge in the middle of the show. This means that the last member should remember to close the door!

There are probably too many people working directly or indirectly with the CSC team to list here, but I guess we could have someone representing e.g. people working with site code issues and cisco engineers participating in the sections. And where is Indiana Jones? Or has he finally found Angelina Jolie and they are working together on the "Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft" or something? In such a case, I would be more than happy to help Brad Pitt feel a bit better!

Which takes as to the main question: who was behind the RoboCop voice of the ciscomoderator?
Many CSC team members could have done that. I was hoping to see some "cheers" or something so that I can bet more safely. I guess that my best bet is with Dan. He is wicked enough to have done this, but there is at least one member of the team that is at least as naughty as Dan and hasn't posted yet (and for some time now), so I'm a bit confused. Wait a minute. The RoboCop voice has color and some hieroglyphs! Although Dan seems the safest bet, I'll take the risk and put my money on Indiana Jones. There is some logic to it and it's not a lot of money anyway!

Hey ciscomoderator, you only had 8 points since year 2000 and now you have an extra 5 points from me!
See you in 10 years from now to give you 5 more points!

Hello Maria,

I am afraid as if this is the short post how will be the long post look like. well parade is not over it is still going on

Anyway guys/girls Happy Holidays specially from South Asia.

I did not like no:13 beside ciscomoderator so i want to extend my sincere +5 . Please accept (please don't deny).

May all your dreams land in the kingdom of reality.......HAPPY NEW YEAR



Vinay Sharma
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Rising star

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the wishes. We all hope more and more people will join Cisco Support Community and take advantage of this resource by collaborating and sharing knowledge with each other.

I hope one day "when anyone Google search for Cisco device/config/issues and Google results will show only Cisco Support Community links on that page . So i think the day will come when we will have most of the info available on Cisco Support Community.

Wishing All Cisco Support Community members and there families a happy holidays .



Thanks & Regards

Lisa Latour
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Just another one of the Community Managers also chiming in here to keep the parade going!

Who will be next?

Maria, consider the Ciscomoderator alias like the elves of the North Pole that work diligently within and around the community without collecting credits or accolades to help bring more to the Community.

May Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and Joy be with you and all your loved ones throughout the New Year!
~~ Lisa

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend

Happy Holidays from us "down under".

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