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Help needed.

Hi guys,

My name is Gerald C. Paciello, but people call me Gary - long story :O) -. I am currently preparing to take my certification exam here in Argentina and as part of my study plan, I decided to do two things; 1st, start participating on networking forums -what better forum to start in than the Cisco Support Community- and 2nd, I created a Youtube channel called Broadcast Storm to which I started uploading videos. The reason I did this is because I believe that if you truly understand something, you should be able to explain it.
But what good is it if you explain it, but people cannot understand you, right? :Ob 

So this is where you guys come in -whoever wants to help out of course-. All I need is feed back regarding the technical explanation. I want to know if what I am explaining is clear enough, understandable.

First thing you are going to notice, if you visit the channel, is that 1st, it is brand new and there are only 3 videos regarding STP so far and 2nd, the production quality of the videos suck big time. I have a cousin that is more into video creation and is far more creative than me on that aspect who is going to help me out but he is unavailable at the moment. So I´ll worry about the look and feel of the channel later. I do not care about the cosmetics right now, I just want to know if what I am explaining on the video is clear enough.

Thanks guys, all of you.

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Hey Gerald,

I went through your first video your have done well, keep going.

One point to add "STP is used if you have redundancy in your network".

Thank you,

Mainodin :)

Hi Mainodin,

Yes, you are right! I did mention it in my second video because, as you noticed, I didn`t on the 1st one.

Hey, I appreciate your feed back sir, thanks a lot!!

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