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Add ip pool API-call

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So beginning with the Add ip pool to virtual network has started to fail. We have been using this call in a script for a while now, but it now dislikes our names for the actual vlans. The structure that worked with 2.2.x.x was:

"siteNameHierarchy": "Global/Sites/Testsite",
"virtualNetworkName": "vrf1",
"isLayer2Only": false,
"ipPoolName": "vrf1-pool1",
"vlanId": "1023",
"vlanName": "vrf1_pool1",
"autoGenerateVlanName": false,
"scalableGroupName": "some_sgroup",
"isL2FloodingEnabled": false,
"isThisCriticalPool": false,
"isWirelessPool": false,
"isIpDirectedBroadcast": false,
"isCommonPool": false,

When this payload is sent in we get:

"status": "failed",
"description": "'namespace'",
"taskId": null,
"taskStatusUrl": "/dna/intent/api/v1/task/null",
"executionStatusUrl": "/dna/intent/api/v1/dnacaap/management/execution-status/56e16f0c-57e4-4909-a461-772cd488292f",
"executionId": "56e16f0c-57e4-4909-a461-772cd488292f",
"response": {
"failureReason": "Unknown Error: An unexpected condition was encountered. Please try after the system is restored."

However, if i change "vlanName": "vrf1_pool1" to "vlanName": "vrf1_pool11" or some other small change, it works as expected. It seems like the "namespace" error indicates that this vlanName has been used previously (as it has), and cant be used again. The problem here is that we have 100 sites already using the same vlanname, and we use that name in our Auth-policies in ISE to not make 100 different policies to assign vlan/ip-pools. Anyone seen the same in

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

The fix is in (available now) or 2.3.5 coming Q1 2023.

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Funny thing is, when the internal API that DNAC uses itself, the vlanName can be the same as i want it to be (vrf1_pool1 say), but in the internal API they reference the namespace to use this vlanName, whereas the external API doesnt. Maybe something wrong in that part in

I'm experiencing the same issue after upgrading to

ip_pool_info = [
"siteNameHierarchy": "Global/Lab/Site2",
"virtualNetworkName": "Corp_VN",
"ipPoolName": "Lab-Site2-Corp-Data",
"vlanId": "1031",
"autoGenerateVlanName": False,
"vlanName": "Corp-Data",
"trafficType": "Data",
"status" : "failed",
"description" : "'namespace'",
"taskId" : null,
"taskStatusUrl" : "/dna/intent/api/v1/task/null",
"executionStatusUrl" : "/dna/intent/api/v1/dnacaap/management/execution-status/4544d354-fb99-4b91-8027-9cd3b0cc5c0e",
"executionId" : "4544d354-fb99-4b91-8027-9cd3b0cc5c0e"

VLAN name 'Corp-Data' is used in other fabric sites for the same reason of simplifying the ISE policy. I can configure the IP pool manually using the same VLAN name via the DNAC GUI without any issues. It just fails when using the external API

Let me know if you find a solution to this.



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Update - Cisco has filed this Bugid for anyone looking for a solution, follow this:

The fix is in (available now) or 2.3.5 coming Q1 2023.