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AP Impersonation on DNA Center Wireless Assurance

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Level 1

I have WLC and more AP running. 

Clip below

When assign WLC to site, I see AP impersonation: Enable. I wonder if assign WLC to site have effect to AP running.


AP Impersionate.png

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 It does not. I did it many times and no change is applied to the AP when adding the WLC to a site.

AP Impersonation is a kind of Rogue AP.  Like some rogue AP would be pretending to be  one of your APs.


The available classification types for Rogue AP are:

  • Beacon Wrong Channel

  • Beacon DS Attack

  • AP Impersonation

  • Allowed List

  • Rogue on wire

  • Honeypot

  • Interferer

  • Allowed Vendor

  • Friendly

  • Neighbor

  • Custom Rule Name

Thank you. Are you sure? I hope you are right

Yes I am sure because I did and I do it frequently.  I´ve been working in a company where DNAC had been deployed recently and they are migrating all WLC to DNAC. So, this is pretty much straitforward.

Thank for help. Have a good day

But, Purpose I assign WLC, AP  to the site to POC Assurance Wireless. Then maybe I will remove WLC, AP from DNA Center. In this case, no effect to WLC and AP running

Assurance is meant to capture KPIs for dashboard monitoring only. You can add and or remove with no risk.

In order for the DNAC be able to actually change config on the WLC, you need to discovery the WLC on the DNAC using credentials and create templates and apply templates.

Assurance will use basically SNMP to reading information from WLC. On this scenario, DNAC will act mostly like the Cisco Prime.

In this case, I just discovery WLC and AP assign to the site ( not provision AP, WLC to the site)

Discovery WLC must credential (SSH), SNMP, netconf port 830 then discovered success I will assign WLC to the site.



Hi Flavio,

I want to get information as image attached.


I just assign WLC to a site or must assign both WLC and AP to DNA Center get more information of client.

Now, I just assign WLC to a site no more information of client.