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DNAC Network Reasoner and Network Bug Identifier Tools

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I'm new to using the DNAC Tools > Network Reasoner and Network Bug Identifier tools for troubleshooting and have some concerns on the impact of the network performance when these tools are used. DNAC version is

1. When using Network Reasoner tool, I noticed they are labeled with different Network Impact levels.  Is it best to use these tools during off hours by scheduling them or ok to use during office hours? How to use these tools - Do we use these tools only if we see affected devices shown?

2. With Network Bug Identifier - what implications does this have on the network? Will it impact network performance?  Also, when is the optimal time to use this tool?

Thank you, appreciate your help.

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2.) should not have direct impact on the network
DNA has all the information it needs (active image version, running configuration) in it's own database
and runs this information against Cisco's site

1) Network Reasoner executes commands on the network device to analyze the issue 
it interprets the output of the commands, in the process it can "bounce" a switchport or clear cached data
but basically the process is just like the diagnostics you would execute yourself

Dilip Thakur
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

1. Network Reasoner is a tool that can be used for proactively troubleshooting network issues using various workflows. There is no major impact of running this tool and it can be leveraged for troubleshooting any ongoing issue using the specified workflows

2. For the network bug identifier tool, Cisco DNA Center collects network device configuration and operational data by running a bunch of Show commands on network devices. Although there is no major network impact due to this, however, It is recommended to use this in non production hours.

Please check the link below for more information:


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