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Interpreting DNA Center AI RRM Performance for Interference?

Jason Salmans

Greetings all,

I've been tinkering with DNA Center's AI RRM in some of our buildings and noticed some interesting results in that our wireless network health has degraded, particularly in higher density areas where we have a hospitality unit in each dorm room.  These units are 1815w and do not have clean air.  Not all of them in a building are showing low health but maybe half of them are.

When I look into the Assurance health, it looks like a number of these units are showing 50% plus interference and the same amount of utilization in the 5ghz band.  When I look in the AI RRM performance data, it's indicating Good for Neighbors (i.e. low co-channel or side-channel neighbors reported and low Co Channel Utilization), Noise, and Client.  However, in the Interference column it will show Poor or Fair.. clicking on that indicates the metric that is failing is the "CCA Busy" but the Channel Interference and Side Channel Interference both pass as Good.

I had to reboot DNA last week and it seemed like the Assurance health percentage was much higher for a while before degrading back down to the 60 to 70% range again so it occurs to me that this may be some sort of bug after I updated my WLC to 17.9.4 but I wanted to see if anyone else has come across this and, if it isn't a bug, what the CCA Busy metric failing may indicate when everything else seems to be passing?


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Dilip Thakur
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jason, it appears to be an anomalous behaviour and the overall RF infrastructures needs to be looked into in order to provide a conclusion or a possible solution. I would suggest you to raise a TAC request so that the issue can be investigated thoroughly. 

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