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MAC Authentication Failover to 802.1X Authentication with DNAC / SDA

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Does anyone know whether the "MAC Authentication Failover to 802.1X Authentication" feature from V8.9 will be replicated for DNAC / SDA Fabric wireless? or there another way to mimic this feature?

I am trying to minimise the number of SSIDs as we already have 4, and now have a requirement to authenticate users for a new lab network and would like to use an existing SSID being used for MAC auth of devices that dont support dot1x but would like to now failover to dot1x to support this new requirement. It seems this feature has not been migrated into the SDA / DNAC policies.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please note that this feature is only present on the Aire-OS-based WLC and not ported to C9800 WLC. Reach out to the respective Account manager/System engineer with the relevant use case so they can present this to the product management team.




The 9800 is the replacement WLC and meant to have feature parity. This is another situation of Cisco removing features, this one is especially useful for older IOT deployments, and Cisco requiring feature requests to bring back features (which rarely happens). This feature is provided by other enterprise vendors