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Need guidance and good document for reconfiguring Campus Network(DNA)

Currently, we are running the Datacenter with ACI technology( Spine and Leaf) and campus Network with DNA Technology(Border, Intermediate, DNA Edge Fabric switches, WLAN, Firewall for Guest internet, and Access point).

Internet and MPLS link is connected to Leaf Switches,  Border Switches in DNA were connected to Leaf switches and traffic was routed via ACI Now we have to shut all Spine and Leaf Switches and we have to segregate the DNA Architect separately.

Understand we have to terminate Internet and MPLS links directly to border Switches and we can route the traffic of the campus network keeping all connections as same.

Still looking for some good documents to understand what are things we have to keep and the type of configuration we required for the new design.

Anyone who did such migration in the past will be helping to plan my Design accordingly.






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