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Troubleshooting High CPU Utilization on Cisco CSR1000V Series

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Hello everybody.

I have some troubles with CPU utilization on a Cisco CSR1000V Series Router. It periodically rises up to 100%. I found out a pair of documents about troubleshooting techniks for this kind of issues. These articles are: Troubleshooting High CPU Utilization on Cisco RoutersTroubleshooting High CPU Utilization. But I think that in the case of CSR1000V those articles are not so usefull and they have not helped me a lot. Mostly because this is a virtual machine that is executed on VMWare, but those articles are for "hardware" Routers.
Can anybody recommend me a good article about troubleshooting high CPU utilization for CSR1000V Series or for a Virtual Router?

P.S.: I tried to find something relative on Cisco-site, but found nothing. Maybe I have overlooked something. If so, please point out it.

Update: Some articles were beign advised to me but there are some small inaccuracies

Update 2:

As a starting point for troubleshooting can be used: Cisco docwiki CSR1000V:Home

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I think you have done everything that you can.