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Hey everyone,I have a friend who owns a dental lab and is currently facing a cloud issue. They've been experiencing some challenges with their cloud infrastructure and are in need of some expert guidance.That's where the Cisco community comes in. Wit...

Hi, I am trying to bring up CSR1000V as a DMVPN hub in the AWS cloud. Go the basic config on the hub & spoke routers and ping across the public IPs of both the routers. But ISAKMP peering is failing and not able to establish the phase1 between the tw...

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On a CSR100v 17.1 on azure we are able to install azure agent by the command "sudo pip install csr_azure_guestshell" On a CSR100v 17.3.4a we get this error:sudo pip install csr_azure_guestshellsudo: pip: command not found so we tried by:sudo pip3 ins...

Fellow Cisco ProfessionalsI have a bit of a dilemma, I am currently looking after a CSR1000v with a L-CSR-250M-AX- License using the smart-call home feature. Cisco has recently announced the E.O.S & E.O.L to these pre-paid licences.Article here:-http...