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Resolved! Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V Command Injection Vulnerability

I use few csr1000v for our cloud routers in lab and production for vpn with other routers and vpc redundancy. I use eventmanager trigger for csr GRE vpc redundanc. Noted this bug last week: The publish-event event-manager feature in Cisco IOS 15.5(2...

fatdrag0n by Beginner
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Resolved! Passphrase required in this AWS-Cisco test drive

Hello, I am following the instructions to logon onto the Cisco CSR1000v as outlined in the document below. Following the step 2, page 6: I attempt to con...

news2010a by Participant
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HA Cisco CSR 1000v is unable to failover transparently on AWS cloud

We have many remote VPN partners connecting to us using IPSEC. Only 1 active CSR ( would be active. Traffic is first initiated from one of our web servers (www1 & www2) to the remote servers (, using the acti...

Resolved! RestAPI and Automated Deployment Support

Hello,  We are currently migrating a customer to the CSR 1000v in AWS but are having issues automating the deployment. I found some conflicting documentation that first stated that the RestAPI wasn't available on the CSR1000v AMI but found that it in...

Resolved! CSR1000v on Microsoft Azure

Seen some news snippets mentioning Cisco CSR1000v is being pushed into Microsoft Azure but nothing confirming this is now supported with tech notes on how to get the virtual router uploaded and working.Can anyone confirm this is now supported, I know...

andyirving by Beginner
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CSR1000v ipsec vpn tunnels limitation

hi, I am looking at a cisco document that states a maximum of 400 vpn ipsec tunnels for the security licencse.Is there a license that can get me to +500 tunnels on the csr1000v on amazon?