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A question from Cisco Live:"ucsserverpoolassigned shows servers that are assigned a SP. It would be nice to have an option that shows servers that are in the pool but not assigned a SP. I can run a few lines of code to find it out but it would be eas...

dsoper by Cisco Employee
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Hi Mates,I'm able to set the initiator names at NIC's , whereas GUI gives you an option to set the initiator name (single) for the service profile which applies to all the iSCSI NIC's in the Network tab, how could this be achieved using powershell?

I am trying to research the fastest to clean up the C-series machines, the best way I thought is to directly delete all virtual drives using CIMC XML API.  I know how to the method of creating virtual drives but don't know to how to deleteFor example...

brlok by Cisco Employee
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