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IMC MP for SCOM 2012 monitor Configuration



I have installed Cisco IMC MP 1.1 for SCOM 2012 and it discover two of my servers but I can see only Availability.

Configuration, Performance and Security are not monitored.

How can I enable monitoring for them ?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


With availability/health of the servers, we also show the faults generated by the IMC. We are working on improving the MP. Can you please provide more details on what type of configuration and security monitoring you are expecting? Also what are the components/properties on which you want to run the performance monitoring?

Thank you for very quick replay.

Like I said I have installed IMC Management Pack 1.1 and I've added two of ours servers to discovery.
But when I check SCOM Console I see those servers but I can see only Availiability. Configuration is not monitored. One of those server has Fan malfunction and I was thinking that this Management Pack could show me that we have problem with this server but it shows that this server is Healthy.

So I would like to know how can I monitor Configuration of hardware or is it possible with this MP ?

Below you can find Health Status of my server. Configuration is not monitored how can I enable it ?

Hi Patryk,

This Management Pack collects:

  • Health State & Availability of Rack Servers under : Monitoring --> Cisco IMC --> IMC Server Groups --> <<Rack Server Group Name>> --> State View.
  • Faults of Rack Servers under : Monitoring --> Cisco IMC --> IMC Server Groups --> <Rack Server Group Name> --> Alert View.

Above information from Rack Servers are collected by default and there is no additional customization required by the user of the Management Pack.

Please provide a screen shot of State View and Alert View from Path : Monitoring --> Cisco IMC --> IMC Server Groups --> <Rack Server Group Name>.

You can also contact our support team at : Cisco Support - Software Downloads, Product Documentation, Support Tools, and Support Cases - Cisco Systems


Amit Kumar

below you can find alert view which is empty and state view where all IMC is helathy for both servers



Hi Patryk,

In addition to the screen shots that Amit described, I would also be interested in understanding whether there are any faults in the Cisco IMC. In addition to the SCOM screen shots listed above, could we also get a screen shot from the system that expereienced the fan fault. In the CIMC it is located in Server --> Faults and Logs --> Fault Summary Tab. The SCOM MP is querying faults from the fault table in the Fault Engine which will be reported on this page of the IMC. If you are running firmware version 2.0, then you will also see a 'Fault History' tab where this could be reported if the issue has been resolved.

There is a lot more detail on UCS Monitoring as well as our integrations(including SCOM) available in our Tech Talk here:

UCS Tech Talk: Demystifying Monitoring for Cisco UCS Manager and Standalone C-Series Servers

If the system (IMC) is note reporting any faults, then they will not show up in SCOM either. Cheers!


Hi Jeffrey

Of course in server IMC we have fan fault and in history it's not resolved. We are looking for some UCS CIsco monitoring and because we have SCOM we would like to use it to monitor UCS Cisco Servers a specially because they can't send an email with fault what is really surprising.

I have already installec IMC MP for SCOM and Cisco.UCS.MP.2012.v2.6.2-x64.msi but I still can't monitor UCS rack server. SCOM tells that this server is healthy but I see that only ICM access is monitored, and configuration and hardware isn't.

Could you tell me how can I enable in SCOM hardware montoring to receive alerts when something is wrong with server ?



I did some tests, I unplugged power from power supply 1 and IMC management pack send me an email that PSU redundancy Fail.

But I still didn't get any alert for Fan failure



Hi Patryk,

Can you please try to manually load the fault data by executing the task "Load Cisco IMC Fault Data" from Monitoring --> Cisco IMC --> IMC Group State View --> IMC Server (Group) Tasks.


Amit Kumar

Hi Amit

I've run Load Cisco IMC Fault Data and it ends with success.

Now in IMC Group State View I see critical alert like below for all group of Cisco UCS Rack Servers


details of this alert


But in alert view I don't have any alert and I have no information why this RackUnit generates alert and any alerts description


Hi Patryk,

We would like to take a closer look at the machine over webex meeting, kindly reply with your email id and availability.


Amit Kumar

Hi Amit

I'm available from 10 A.M to 4 P.M UTC/GMT +2h

my email

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