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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Following the best practices outlined in the whitepaper, Citrix XenDesktop: Best Practices with Cisco UCS (, a Windows PowerShell script was written to automate the creation and configuration of many of the pools, policies, and templates necessary in a Citrix XenDesktop environment, culminating in the creation of a UCS Service Profile that can be used to create 1 or more Service Profiles that will ultimately be applied to physical servers used to host XenDesktop created hosted virtual desktops.

Designed primarily for Proof Of Concept environments, there is an assumption that a relatively clean UCS environment is being used, with very little configuration already completed (there are no checks in the script for existing configurations, and if there is a conflict, the script will issue an error).

The script takes the name of an Excel Configuration file containing information needed for configuration, and, optionally, a switch to output logs to the console, as input.

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