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Cisco Employee

Adding chassis/server qualification with UCS PowerTool

I noticed a couple of things when trying to script adding a chassis or server qualification.

First, the help for Add-UCSChassisQualification says, "This cmdlet adds a chassis discovery policy..." 

Is this true? If so, it behaves differently than Get-UCSChassisQualification, which returns an existing chassis qual.

If not, the help might need to be corrected.

Assuming Add-UCSChassisQualification is supposed to add a chassis qualification (and not a discovery policy), trying to use PowerTool to add either a chassis or server qual gets you in a chicken/egg scenario.

In order to use Add-UCSChassisQualification, you have to specify the ServerQualification to use.  But to use Add-UCSServerQualification, you have to specify the ChassisQualification to use.

Or am I using these incorrectly? (it's hard to tell from Get-Help info)

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Re: Adding chassis/server qualification with UCS PowerTool

Hi James,

Get-help Add-UCSChassisQualification is giving wrong info. We will correct this in  next release of PowerTool.

Following is the hierarchy to use different qualification cmdlets.

PS C:\> Get-UcsCmdletMeta -ClassId ComputeChassisQual -Tree

ComputeQual (UcsServerPoolQualification) (Get, Add, Set, Remove)

|-ComputeChassisQual (UcsChassisQualification) (Get, Add, Remove)

|-ComputeSlotQual (UcsServerQualification) (Get, Add, Remove)

PS C:\> Get-Help Add-UCSChassisQualification


Add-UcsChassisQualification -ServerPoolQualification <ComputeQual> [-MaxId] <uint> [-MinId] <uint> [-ModifyPresent] [-XtraProperty <Hashtable>] [-Ucs <UcsHandle[]>]

PS C:\> get-help Add-UCSServerQualification


Add-UcsServerQualification -ChassisQualification <ComputeChassisQual> [-MaxId] <uint> [-MinId] <uint> [-ModifyPresent] [-XtraProperty <Hashtable>] [-Ucs <UcsHandle[]>

So in order to add Chassis Qualification please specify ServerPoolQualification and to add Server Qualification please specify ChassisQualification.

Let us know if it helps.

Thank you,


Cisco Employee

Re: Adding chassis/server qualification with UCS PowerTool

I guess I'm confused as to what the cmdlets are expecting for serverqualification or chassisqualification.

I read the help, but it is clear as mud. Are the cmdlets expecting a managed object? A string? A psobject?

Can you give me an example of how one or both cmdlets is used?


Re: Adding chassis/server qualification with UCS PowerTool

Hi James,

These cmdlets are expecting managed object.

You can refer below examples.

1. Add-UcsChassisQualification (Expect Managed Object of type ComputeQual)

PS C:\> Get-UcsServerPoolQualification | Add-UcsChassisQualification -ModifyPresent -MaxId 50 -MinId 1

MaxId        : 50

MinId        : 1

Dn           : org-root/blade-qualifier-all-chassis/chassis-from-1-to-50

Rn           : chassis-from-1-to-50

Status       :

XtraProperty : {}

Ucs          : tcs-tpi01

2.  Add-UcsServerQualification(Expect Managed Object of type ComputeChassisQual)

PS C:\> Get-UcsChassisQualification | Add-UcsServerQualification -ModifyPresent -MaxId 8 -MinId 1

MaxId        : 8

MinId        : 1

Dn           : org-root/blade-qualifier-all-chassis/chassis-from-1-to-50/slot-from-1-to-8

Rn           : slot-from-1-to-8

Status       : created

XtraProperty : {}

Ucs          : tcs-tpi01

Thank you,


Cisco Employee

Re: Adding chassis/server qualification with UCS PowerTool

Your first example retrieves an existing server qualification to then add a chassis qualification to it.  The second does the same thing, only it retrieves an existing chassis qualification and adds a server qualification to it.

Both of these require the use of a pre-existing qualification (or one created via the GUI or some other means).  What I'm trying to do is create a new, custom (not default) chassis/server qualification combination where none currently exists.

EDIT:  I started ConvertTo-UcsCmdlet and captured the cmdlets from doing it in the GUI.  This is what it gave me:


$mo = Get-UcsOrg -Level root  | Add-UcsServerPoolQualification -Descr "" -Name "foo" -PolicyOwner "local"

$mo_1 = $mo | Add-UcsChassisQualification -MaxId 8 -MinId 8

$mo_1_1 = $mo_1 | Add-UcsServerQualification -MaxId 5 -MinId 5


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