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Cisco UCS Manager Flex-based Plugin for VMware vSphere Web Client (End of Support)


End of Support Notice: Support for the Flex-based Plugin for VMware vSphere has been discontinued.  The HTML based Plugin is recommended as a replacement.


Previous Release Information:


Cisco UCS Manager Plugin is an extension for the vSphere Web Client. It enables virtualization administrators to view, manage and monitor various aspects of Cisco UCS physical infrastructure. The result is a single pane of glass for Virtual Center users to get both physical and virtual infrastructure information for a given hypervisor.


New Features in UCS Manager Plugin 2.0(3):

  • Defect fixes


Supported vSphere Web Client Releases:

  • vSphere Web Client 5.5
  • vSphere Web Client 6.0
  • vSphere Web Client 6.5


Refer to release notes and user guide for more details.

Community Member

Is there a more detailed guide at this time (i.e. a document calling out each and every feature, permissions required in UCS, etc?).  This may already be in published form, though I am finding it difficult to find.

The core reason for asking is that our UCS team has concerns with allowing VMware admins write permissions to the UCS environment.  Will read-only suffice for viewing the equipment?  How does RBAC function with this plug-in?

Thank You!


I've installed this with read-only local UCS account and it's working fine.


I am trying to register the plugin to my 2 vcenters but its not working this is a prod environment and I don't have access to the internet to download the plugin or a web server either.

why cant we just use a simple path to get to the ucs-vcplugin file???

is there a way around this?


Community Member

Does anyone know which network ports are used for communication between vCenter plugin and Cisco UCSM

80 and 443???

Hi Claus,

Its port 443 and to answer one of my own question it as to be open from your Vcenters ip Range to the ucsm ip Range/network.  Not your workstation your actualy using the VMware webclient.on.

Hope this helps you out.

Community Member

Hi Stephane,

Thanks for your answer!

I did order the firewall opening for 443 in my test environment. The doc does not say anything about ports used, but it does say that it is XML RPC :-)

This version does seem to be tied very close with speciffic powercli version which, in my opinion is not good.


Cisco Employee

Like UCSM GUI, UCS vCenter Plugin uses XML API (over HTTP or HTTPS) to talk to UCSM. Cisco UCS Manager XML API Programmer's Guide - Preface [Cisco UCS Manager] - Cisco

Depending on the port configured in UCSM for HTTP or HTTPS, you need to open the respective ports for plugin to communicate with UCSM.

Hope this helps.

I think The doc need to be updated in these sections:

  • REquirement : Ports, from-to

                      Version of Power CLI required and where to install it (workstation or/and Vcenter)

  • Install methode: if no internet is available to install, or may be fix the installer to do it without internet.                 




Community Member

Zip file is corrupt!!!!!!!!

Cisco Employee

Let us check and get back to you.

Community Member

Ok got the file sorted.

But since the 0.9.2 release and the 0.9.4 release I`m struggling to get visibility on the plug-in. I`m publishing the plug-in through IIS and it shows in plug-in manager but is not visible on the Home screen. Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Xander, the plugin is for vSphere Web Client. Are you not seeing it in web client? Are you using a HTTP or HTTPS server?


I also am having issues getting the plugin to show up, I see it as a plugin in the vsphere client. I understand its a web client only plugin but I'm not seeing it in the home tab of the web client even though I got the following status during registration "Cisco UCS vCenter Plug-in registered successfully." 

I've also went to https://vcenterserver/mob -->conetent-->extension manager-->

I can provide those settings if needed. Am I missing some simple step?

Cisco Employee

If you have used HTTP instead of HTTPS, you need to set allowHttp=true in

Refer the following techzone article for troubleshooting tips.


I access vsphere via HTTPS not HTTP. Also I put in a request to gain access to the above URL but won't be able to read the article until my request is approved.

This is the url I'm using in the tool to download the plugin if thats what you mean by https/http

Any thing else you can think of?

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