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Cisco UCS PowerTool Suite - PowerShell Modules for Cisco UCS Manager, Cisco IMC, UCS Central


We are pleased to announce the release of Cisco UCS PowerTool Suite version 2.4.1.


Cisco UCS PowerTool suite is a set of PowerShell modules for Cisco UCS Manager, Cisco IMC and Cisco UCS Central that helps in configuration and management of Cisco UCS domains and solutions.


Key Features in Release 2.4.1

  • Support for new features in Cisco IMC Release 3.1(3a)
  • Support for new features in Cisco UCSM Release 3.2(3)
  • Updated cmdletSet-ImcHuuFirmwareUpdaterwith new parameters.
  • Updated catalog rules for M5 Servers.


Key Features in Release 2.3.1

  • Support for new features in Cisco IMC Release 3.1(1d)
  • Support for new features in Cisco UCS Central Release 2.0(1b)
  • Support for new features in Cisco UCSM Release 3.2(1d)
  • Updated cmdletAdd-UcsCentralServiceProfileFromTemplateto create Service profile with service profile template
  • Added cmdletGet-UcsCentralPolicyUsageto provide support to fetch policy details for any managed object.


Key Features in Release 2.2.1

  • Support for new features in Cisco IMC Release 3.0(1c) and 3.0(2b)
  • Support to launch the UCS Manager HTML GUI automatic login
  • Support to specify the JSON file as input for uploading the hardware profile to HCL Tool
  • Support to collect advisories for the hardware profile in HCL Tool cmdlet
  • Security enhancement to HCL Tool cmdlets

Your scripts written using PowerTool 1.x will break due to module name changes.

The following table lists the module name changes in this release:


Previous Module Name


New Module Name








Installer download (from


Module download (from Powershell Gallery):

  • Cisco.UCSManager


  • Cisco.IMC


  • Cisco.UCSCentral


  • Cisco.UCS.DesiredStateConfiguration





Reference: Cisco UCS PowerTool Command Reference for Cisco UCS Manager



External customers - For any queries/feedback on PowerTool, contact Cisco TAC or or add a discussion to the Cisco Developed Integrations sub-space on Cisco UCS Communities

We are also on Slack - slack requires registration, but the cisco-ucs-powertool channel on powershell team is open invitation to anyone to register here. Once you join the powershell slack team you can join cisco-ucs-powertool channel here


Internal (Cisco) customers and employees - Contact us at for support questions and or for roadmap questions and feedback.


Cisco Employee

In the meantime, you can enable the GUI logs for UCS central using the following option

and then run ConvertTo-UcsCentralCmdlet which will generate the cmdlets for the operations you perform in GUI.




After the last couple of firmware updates, I get an error that the flexflash controller is running old firmware.  A simple reset of the flash controller resolves the error.  I'm trying to achieve the reset via UCSC; could you help find the right set of cmdlets to achieve that?

I've tried some combinations of cmdlets after the below but not having much luck.  The noun I think I'm looking for is "UcsCentralStorageFlexFlashController" but there doesn't appear to be cmdlets associated with it?  Get-ucscentralstoragecontroller seems to be only be related to the spinning disks.

Get-UcsCentralBlade -dn <PROFILE>.pndn | Get-UcsCentralComputeBoard |

I appreciate the help, thanks.

Cisco Employee

Hi Alex,

We will look into it and get back to you.



Hi Alex,

The MO that you are referring to was added in UCS Central 1.3.1. We do not have corresponding cmdlet in UCS Central release available on communities. We will support it in the upcoming version of UCS Central.

We do have some generic cmdlets which can be used.

Here is an example –

Get-UcsCentralChassis -Id 1 | Get-UcsCentralBlade -SlotId 1 | Get-UcsCentralComputeBoard | Get-UcsCentralMo -ClassId StorageFlexFlashController | Set-UcsCentralMo -PropertyMap @{Configu

redMode="mirror"; AdminSlotNumber="NA"; OperatingMode="mirror"; operationRequest="reset"}

Keep your questions/queries coming.

Thank you,



Thanks for the response Nitin.

The command ran successfully but did not clear the alert.  The output of the command was:

WARNING: Attempt to set non-existent property 'operationRequest' in class 'StorageFlexFlashController'.

WARNING: Attempt to set non-existent property 'OperatingMode' in class 'StorageFlexFlashController'.

WARNING: Attempt to set non-existent property 'ConfiguredMode' in class 'StorageFlexFlashController'.

WARNING: Attempt to set non-existent property 'AdminSlotNumber' in class 'StorageFlexFlashController'.


ControllerState     : FFC_FAILED

FlexFlashType       : FX3S

Id                  : 1

LocationDn          :

Model               : FX3S

OperQualifierReason :

OperState           : degraded

Operability         : operable

PciAddr             :

PciSlot             : N/A

Perf                : unknown

PhysicalDriveCount  : 0

Power               : unknown

Presence            : equipped

PrimarySlotNumber   : 0

RaidSyncSupport     : yes

ReadErrorThreshold  : 0

Revision            : 0

Serial              : NA

Thermal             : unknown

Type                : SD

Vendor              : Cypress

VirtualDriveCount   : 0

Voltage             : unknown

WriteErrorThreshold : 0

Dn                  : compute/sys-1010/chassis-1/blade-2/board/storage-flexflash-1

Rn                  : storage-flexflash-1

Status              : modified

XtraProperty        : {[AdminSlotNumber, NA], [ConfiguredMode, mirror], [FirmwareVersion, ], [HasError, error]...}

Cisco Employee

Alex, what is the version of UCS central that you are running?



Cisco Employee

Was the alert getting cleared when you perform the reset action from UCS central GUI?


I've never found a way to reset the flex flash controller through the UCSC GUI


Hi Raphael,

Currently there are no cmdlets In the PowerTool for getting the SEL and Sensor information.



Cisco Employee

Any updates coming to this to add features related to the 1.4 release of UCS Central?

Cisco Employee

Yes James. PowerTool 2.0 will be released by early March. There will be single powertool installer containing all 3 modules (IMC, UCSM and UCS Central) and UCS central module will have cmdlets for the features in the latest 1.4 release.

Cisco Employee

That's probably the best possible answer you could have given - thanks!

Community Member


Congratulations on the 2.0.1 release, the Cisco.UCS.DesiredStateConfiguration module looks very promising.

A suggestion for future releases: Could you consider releasing the Cisco UCS PowerTool Suite on the PowerShell Gallery? That would make it more convenient for users to install and update the modules.


# First time install
Install-Module -Name CiscoUcsPS

# Update the module when it`s already installed
Update-Module -Name CiscoUcsPS

More information:

PowerShell Gallery            | GettingStarted


Thank you Jan Egil Ring for your suggestion. Keep them coming.

We will consider this in future PowerTool Suite releases.

Thank you,


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