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HyperFlex VMware RunBook Automation with PowerShell

Cisco Employee

These scripts are intended to save CX consulting engineer's time and improve data accuracy in our final RunBook deliverables for Standard VMware HX cluster deployments. I've based my work on the excellent documentation built in SCDP with help from @vmadalik


The "Update-WordDoc-fromJson.ps1" script is designed to read information gathered from the HX Installer config.JSON and data gathered from UCSM once a new UCS based HX cluster has been instantiated using the on premises, OVA installer.


*NOTE* These scripts are currently a "best effort" work in progress and I will be enhancing the scripts over time for added functionality, error handling and different deployment types.


All code is maintained internally on my Enterprise GitHub page here:


Pre-requisite installations for CX engineer workstation:

  1. PowerShell 5.1 or newer
  2. Microsoft Office Word 365 or 2016 

Directions for use:

  1. Successfully deploy a New HyperFlex Cluster to a UCS infrastructure.
  2. Export the installer configuration and save the <clustername>.JSON file.
  3. Execute (or ask the Client to execute) the "Get-UcsDataFromApi.ps1" powershell script against the UCSM infrastructure hosting the new HX cluster and save the UCS_DATA.JSON output.
  4. On the CX Engineer's workstation, place both .JSON files in the same directory as the scripts and HX template.
  5. Execute the "Update-WordDoc-fromJson.ps1" script to automatically update the Word document with all of the customer specific information. *note* See script help for usage and parameters accepted (Get-Help Update-WordDoc-fromJson.ps1 -examples)
  6. Proofread the Word Document and make any final adjustments or changes prior to delivery.


  • Automate Table collection index searching based on text
  • General error handling

Please send feedback on errors, usability or whatever else you would like to see!

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