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UCS PowerShell HTML Report Script


A lot of you may already be familiar with the PowerShell report script I wrote but incase you aren't here it is.

I wrote a lot of this script over a year ago and have updated it as I think of new features or as Cisco has added new UCS features.

I am by know means a developer or PowerShell expert and there are probably a lot of modifications that could be made to make the code more efficient or to make the HTML formatting cleaner.

The script is free for anyone to use or modify as they see fit. The only thing I ask is that if you do make the script better please share it with me so that I can make it available to everyone else via this site.

This is probably obvious but here are some instructions on running the script.

  • First you must have PowerShell version 2 or greater installed
  • The UCS Powertool must be installed
  • I recommend creating a folder on the root of the C: drive to run the script from. The script creates a lot of temporary HTML files that are then merged into one file an deleted.
  • Make sure you run the UCS Powertool shortcut from the desktop or programs group as an Administrator. This is so the Windows UAC doesn't get in the way. After you are in the PowerShell window change directories to the new folder and run the script.
  • It will prompt you for everything else, on the file name prompt give it a .HTML extenstion.

The script and an example output from the script are attached. You will need to rename the .txt file to .ps1 and then copy it to the new folder.

Enjoy and please provide feadback


Thank you Jeremy.  Your script is a timesaver for those of us that wish to document configurations.


Thank you Jeremy. Good script.



I am unable to run the script, have run powertool as admin, have windows powershell and have checked the directory and script permissions too.... any idea ?

issue resolved.. thanks to Insung Choi...thanks Champ


Hi, Tej

Erase directory name.

No directory path, input file names.

c:\ucs --> ucs.html or ucs_health.html or ..... test.html

Good luck to you.


issue resolved.. thanks to Insung Choi...thanks Champ


totally thankful, it is awsome, works perfectly!!


Thank you Jeremy. This recently saved the day. Lead me to look further into UCS Powershell scripting.

This is excellent script and working good. it saves lot of time . Thank you Jeremy

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