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client to site connection allowing only one connection at the time.

Hello there.

I have a cisco rv340 configured to handle client to site connections for 10 remote users, I'm going to use Greenbow soft for remote computers to connect to the cisco central network, I created the ipsec profile then I created the third party vpn connection following Cisco Tech Talk: GreenBow Configuration for Client-to-Site VPN on RV34x Series Routers .   Again It connects and I can connect to resources in the network but if I do export the connection configuration to a new workstation and at the very moment it connects the other workstation get disconnected. even if I setup an ip range of 30 users for that connection. I know I'm missing something but I have to have this 10 users connecting remotely in the next few days.  any help will be appreciated. thank you. 


CLIENT TO SITE CONNECTION: Does anybody know if the cisco rv340 can handle multiple remote vpn connections in a single connection tunnel. I've been dealing with this issue for days. I create a third party connection connecting the greenbow client remote connection is works fine but if I connect a second computer to that tunnel the other gets disconnected. I dont think is problem with the Greenbow software any help will be appreciated. thank you.  site to site works just fine using RV340 to RV340.



Yes RV340 can handle multiple vpn clients with 1 Client-2-site server


With reference to your issue:

1. Are you using the same username/passwd on both client computers?

I think that is why the second connection from client-2 (using the same userid as used on client1) is resulting in the client1 that has established a tunnel earlier getting disconnected 

2. You should be using different userids on each of the GB-client computers. if you have 30 clients, you should configure 30 user-id/passwds on the RV340


3. This is NOT a problem with RV340, its the standard behavior for any IPsec-VPN-server when you have configured with userid-passwd authentication.


- In case you are using IKEv1 ipsec profile, AND PSK (pre-shared-key for IKE-authentication), Then the userid-passwd extended authentication is using XAUTH. 

- So on the IPsec-VPN server, the userid is used for uniqueness of each vpn-connection from remote-client-computers.