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Claim failed for Kinetic-enabled IR809 over Ethernet uplink

I'm trying to determine why a Kinetic-enabled IR809 is failing to complete the claim process.  The router is deployed at a customer site so I do not have console access currently.  The router is connected initially by Ethernet  to call-home to Kinetic, and pickup the operational configuration which is Cellular.  The first time this was tried, it failed due to a bad Cellular APN in the template.  After deleting the gateway from Kinetic and resetting the router to the base-config (powering the router with the reset button depressed for 30 sec), the router began the configuration process but finally failed.  I confirmed that the APN was good.  I'm concerned that the factory reset did not remove the initial bad APN.  Any recommendations short of getting a copy of the Gateway Provisioning Tool to the customer?




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Re: Claim failed for Kinetic-enabled iR809 over Ethernet uplink

It could be that the hard reset did not complete successfully. Although hard reset does not reset the APN setting, it will allow the IR809 to use Ethernet as uplink again. It is worth repeating the process:!factory-reset-a-gateway/alternative-method-factory-reset-a-cisco-ir800-router


Make sure a working Ethernet uplink is available. To be on the safe side, eject the SIM card during initial registration to prevent the router from picking up a bogus route from an incompatible APN.


Re: Claim failed for Kinetic-enabled iR809 over Ethernet uplink

Thanks for the reply.  Once the APN issue was resolved (consoled in and entered the APN),  I believe the root cause of this issue was incompatibility of the IR809 cellular band with the available cellular network.  The available network was ATT and the router is a an IR809G-LTE-VZ-K9.

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