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Type of notifications sent by CKC- Cisco Kinetic for cities

Vamshi kadumuri

Hi all,

I have reserved a sandbox for CKC and connected to it using web socket url (wss://<server>/<tenant>/ deveng/ws/fid-CIMUserQueryInterfaceWS.<userId>) from my window console application. Upon initial subscription from my console application (as per CKCUserWebSocket.pdf at I receive a json response from CKC acknowledging my subscription. Now, when I change the intensity of the light (Lights API) from POSTMAN, a json notification is received on my console application . So far so good, however, I would like to know if there are any other notifications (related to parking/SnS/Waste/Environment) which I can receive from CKC onto my console application with/without performing any actions.


I have gone through the Real Time API's and other documentation related to this @ , however, couldn't find any information. 

Thank you very much


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes, if you subscribe to WS, you will ideally get notifications for all domains (need to subscribe to all domains "Topic": "*.*", ). DevNet works with simulated sensors and the notifications will get triggered based on some pre-configured intervals (from the SW simulators). If you are not getting any WS notifications for other domains, we will have that checked.

Hi Karthik,
Thank you for the response.
Yes, currently I am subscribing to all domains by the having Topic": "*.*", in my initial subscription message. Like I said I was able to receive notifications only from lights API (when I change the intensity manually using a client app). However, I don't see notifications from other API's on my client application though I keep it up and running for few hours using web socket connectivity.

When you said notifications get triggered based on some pre-configured intervals, can we have more details related to time limes and workflows especially for parking, SnS, Environment and waste API's?  
It would be really helpful for us to explore the capabilities of these API's if we get to see those notifications.

Thanks in advance,



Like i mentioned, these notifications are simulator-driven and have been configured at the SW simulator level for all domains. That said, if the notifications aren't coming for all the domains for a few hours, then could be some other setup or configuration issue with simulators on devnet, we will have that checked. We will keep you updated.

Thanks Karthik. Please keep me posted on further developments once you get to resolve this issue.




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