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EFM & Actility

Hello,   I have devices registered in Actility ThingPark Wireless (NS in the cloud) and I have several ways to send my data, but I don't know exactly how to configure that in Actility neither in EFM. On Actility side i have the following possibilitie...

cvailler by Cisco Employee
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DGLux Convert table to JSON

DGLux Convert table to JSON I am trying to create a JSON string from table data in dataflow editor. With out writing javascript is there a simple way to convert table data into JSON string.

vkuruva by Cisco Employee
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iot project problem

hi i have a problem in packet tracer , i make a iot project but when i run an iot component , the packet tracer have a lag for 10 sec , but when i run an pc or router or switch , the packet tracer run normaly , please someone help me here

DiLaVeGa by Beginner
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Resolved! Publish table from realTimeRecorder block

I'm having some kind of problem here.  I have a real time recorder block.  When I click the output -> table - I see the table of data.  I then link this output to a Publish block, and set the /data/pathtodata - and turn on autorun.  I've played with ...

table-dataflow.png realtime-recorderblock-table.png publishblock.png
Levi Iiams by Beginner
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ioxclient package generated tar not working in kinetic application issue

As part of one requirement i have created the package.tar file using the ioxclient in windows and uploaded the same tar in Kinetic application and deployed the application in to a respective gateway But once the application deployed in the Gateway th...

Resolved! Cisco EFM dslinks repository

Where can I find the MetricSeliazer dslink that is mentioned in this learning video? Is there any additional catalog with Cisco dslinks that differs from the DevNet one? 

dsoukup by Beginner
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EFM Kafka dslink HA feature

we are doing a EFM project, we are using kafka dslink connecting to customer’s bigdata system. can EFM support Kafka dslink failover and re-transmit function to ensure the data delivery? tks

samye by Cisco Employee
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ParStream log file rotate

ParStream log file rotate20181107 kpurches@cisco.comalso at: TechZone Problem ParStream log files grow forever until out of disk spaceApplies to all ParStream (current) v6.0.1 and earlier (Kinetic EFM v1.6) Solution Use nohup and logrotate together.F...

kpurches by Cisco Employee
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