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David Anderson

How to simulate a WAN between two ASAv appliances to practice making a L2L VPN Tunnel? Wan-Em does not appear to perform this function. (CML Personal)

I thought WAN-EM would have done this but only appears to create different link conditions rather than simulating an INET between two locations with an IP I can use as a default gateway for the outside IF on the ASAv, curious what others use to simulate an internet connection between branches in CML Personal?


I am thinking a few routers possibly running BGP between the ASAv's, but I'm hoping to avoid using the extra system resources for multiple virtual appliances if they are not needed.


Thank you for any suggestions!

David Anderson

Or would using just a single IOS router in the middle with OSPF sharing the two "outside" subnets with each other really simulate an Internet connection like you'd have between branch sites? That seems like there is something too easy about that, but I can't quite put my finger on what exactly that is.


Again really appreciate any input, thanks!

Hi David,


that would work just fine. You can use dynamic routing as you suggested or simply static routing via a default gateway (the connected router). If you want to simulate WAN conditions (e.g.: internet ) you could add the WAN Emulator in between as well. WAN would imply some additional distance, but other than that just connecting them over the outside interface if perfectly fine. it really boils down to what you want to model, the WAN or the L2L VPN tunnel or both.


Best Regards,