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I can't access the console in Cisco Modeling Labs

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To Whom It May Concern,


I am new to IT and studying for my CCNA exam.  I bought Cisco Modeling Labs and VMware in order to run CML on my Mac.  I have been attempting to build the simplest of topologies, a single switch and four PC hosts.  Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to bring up the console for the switch.  I bought all of this expensive software in order to practice entering commands into the console.  I can't seem to be able to access the console for the switch.  Please keep in mind that I am truly an IT beginner and I am working on my very first certification.  Did I purchase the wrong products or am I just not using them correctly?  Any help would be greatly appreciated (although I still am not sure how to thank anyone who answers a question posted here)  Thank you in advance.  

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Hi @ancapdude ,

There is a community for CML - you may get a faster response if you post this question at


If you do get an answer at the CML forum, please return to this forum and add a link (because in the future, people searching for the same answer may end up here)


RedNectar aka Chris Welsh.
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Thank you so much.  Sorry, I am extremely new to all of this.  I will try posting the question in the CML community.  Thank you for your help.