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Mike Assel

enable 8861 IP Phone for intelligent proximity

I'm trying to use Cisco proximity with a 8861 IP Phone, but it ain't workin'.  Is there something I have to enble on the phone or in CUCM?

Thanks, Mike

Henrik Bakken
Cisco Employee

Hi Mike,
are you trying to pair your 8861 with the app "Cisco Proximity"?

I'm afraid we're doing our best to confuse, but the naming scheme is a bit complex;

  • Intelligent Proximity - overall solution name for where we can pair third party devices to Cisco's collaboration devices
  • Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice - available on the Cisco DX series and select Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series models
  • Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing - for Cisco room-based video endpoints. Available in beta trial now, with the iOS and Andoid app "Cisco Proximity". 

More details on

So - the Cisco Proximity app can only be used with the Cisco room-based video endpoints (SX series and MX series). 


Does this help?


Henrik Bakken
Product Manager @Cisco

That does help, but then how do I pair my iPhone with a DX or 8800 series phone?



The DX and 8800 series phones pair via bluetooth the mobile phone, much like a headset or even car stereo does.

The documentation for this feature on the 8800 can be found here.

Since the DX is android, the process looks just like pairing to any other bluetooth device, except the "other device" is your iPhone.

Thanks Philip.  I was just going down the Bluetooth trail when you replied.  Not sure why this seems to be so difficult.  On my iPhone I turn bluetooth on and then the CP-8861 shows as a discoverable device.  I tap it to pair then get this message:

Then I tap pair and get this:

Nothing ever shows on the screen of the 8861.  What am I doing wrong?

This is what it looks like on my 8851.  The process should be pretty simple.

Here is the bluetooth settings.  BT is on, and I then hit 3 to add a device.


After hitting 3 I get this screen. There is an interim display where it says to make sure the other device is discoverable.  After I go into the Bluetooth settings on my iPhone it appears in the list.


After I select "rratliff's iPhone" and hit Pair I get this prompt.


At this point on my iPhone I get the same prompt you show above, with the same security code shown.  After I hit Yes on the 8851 and Pair on the iPhone the connection proceeds and I'm asked about contact syncing on the 8851.

I get the message on the iphone with the code for the 8861, but I never see my iphone appear as a device on the 8861.  Is there something that needs to be done on the iphone, other than going into the bluetooth settings?

If the iPhone is seeing the desktop phone then it should be good to go.  I think in your screenshot I can see the "Now Discoverable" message.


Is your 8861 using wifi or a wired network connection?  If it's not showing any bluetooth devices at all (headset, phone, PC, etc) then you can try toggling bluetooth on/off on the 8861.  At this point you can also just open a TAC SR.  Collect phone debugs from the web page of the phone so you can provide them to TAC.

The now discoverable message is on my iphone screen.  I never see any messages regarding my iphone or an access code on the 8861.  It is a wired connection.  If you recommend going to TAC at this point then I'll go that way.


Thanks, Mike

Did you ever get resolution this? I am having the same issue?



No, but I stopped working on it.  My next step was to see if I was on the latest firmware.  I'll take a look next week.

You have to make sure you have the Hands-free 2-way audio turned on.  I was struggling with this exact issue after getting my new 8851 this morning.  After turning on the Hands-free 2-way, it worked perfectly.

It started to work for me after I explicitly turned on the Bluetooth in my SEPxxx.cnf.xml file. 

Cisco Employee

Hi Mike,

When you look at available devices from the 8861 do you see your iPhone? If so can you initiate the pairing thriugh the 8861, I have seen with some smartphones that the pairing has to be established from the 8861 rather than the mobille. If this does not work can you let me know what version of iOS you are runnung and the model of the iPhone.



No, I don't see the iPhone as pairable on the 8861.  I couldn't find a way to make my iPhone discoverable. As far as I can tell I can only discover Bluetooth devices from my iPhone . I have an iPhone 5s ios 7.1.2