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UCS-E140S-M2/K9 error

Hi Guys,anybody knows how to fix this?%SPA_EEPROM-3-FIELD_NOT_FOUND: UCS-E140S-M2/K9[1/0]: Failed to find content of field type 0x87 with data size = 4 bytes. The EEPROM might require an update.thanks.

dban7 by Beginner
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Large sharing icon on second screen

The situation is as followed:our users use HP laptop (elitebook) connected to a HP USB-C replicator G2 with one ore sometimes two monitors on the desk and a roomkit with large screen on the wall. roomkit, laptop,replicator are using the lates updates...

Henrib_0-1670491779031.jpeg Henrib_2-1670492212834.jpeg Henrib_1-1670492189008.jpeg
Henrib by Beginner
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Is MacBook Pro 14" M1 supported by Proximity 4?

Hi!My old Intelmac work fine with Proximity still but my new MacBook Pro 14" M1 does not "hear" the MX300 G2 conferencing system, or any other of our Ciscos. I see that proximity 4.0.0 is Intel compiled, is it tested for M1/M2:s? My old Intelmac stil...

Ola Friis by Beginner
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Unable to find VC endpoints by proximity app

Hi, After upgrading the VC device firmware, the Cisco proximity application could not find the VC endpoints. We are using the latest version of the Proximity app. Can anyone suggest some troubleshooting steps.

proximity connect

Hello, 1st time working with Cisco Proximity.  I haven't been able to share running Cisco proximity unless my laptop's nic is wired to the codec.  I haven't been able to share wirelessly.  My laptop's mic is being used by Cisco Proximity app but it w...

Extended desktop

Hi,I have a user at our company who uses Proximity. For their meetings with clients they require the ability to present content and take notes. They want to take the notes without the client seeing them on the big screen. The only option the user has...

Windows Server 2022 on UCS e0140D

Hi Guys,I have managed to install Win Server 2022 on UCS e-140D that I sourced from ebay. It came with one SAS drive, I installed a solid state drive lying around and installed OS on that. However, after reboot its not able to find that drive, but if...

dban7 by Beginner
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"Cloud Proximity Guest Share" setting & disable guest share?

I found this setting under Webex on a Webex Room Kit Pro. You can set "Cloud Proximity Guest Share" to Auto or to Off. What happens if you set it to off? No Proximity share possible from a Webex client? Is there a way to disable or limit Webex Proxim...

gfolens by Enthusiast
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AP not online in app but online in web portal

Hello all,We have a few GR10 devices and all but one is working fine in the mobile app.ALL are fine on the web portal.The one device shows offline in the app, but entering it by tapping on it generates the following error:ERRORFor the specified time ...

Rowleav by Beginner
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Resolved! 使用Android java应用程序的思科交换机Telnet客户端

我正在尝试编写一个安卓应用程序作为远程登录客户端思科交换机(2960)使用。但是我在连接方面有问题。在安卓模拟器上没有显示输出,但是ConnectBot在同一个模拟器上运行,并且可以很好地远程登录到交换机。以下是代码示例:MainActivity.javapackage com.example.android2switch; import; import;...

lukuce by Beginner
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