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Getting Started Guide For Proximity

Where can you find the getting started guide for Proximity?  I see the FAQ section, but nothing to download.  It works great on a MX200G2, but i want to see how it works on a C60, C40 and an EX60 and I don't see the experimental mode tab in the admin config now. Did everything go over the API setup process with TC7.2.0?


It's available in TC7.2

It's available in TC7.2 through the web gui in the experimental settings, look for "Byod" and set it to "On" - default is "Off". To access experimental settings, just start typing ex in the search field at the top of the configuration menu - see below screenshot.


Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Not sure why Cisco is hiding

Not sure why Cisco is hiding this but I had to get it from my AM. See attached.

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@Jens; thanks for

@Jens; thanks for highlighting this - this is the method I also use.
We did intentionally hide it in a version, but reverted that decision later on. We have done some bugfixing lately, so I recommend TC 7.3 - available any day now.


@Aspirustelehealth; beware that we will never get "official" support in the C- and EX-series products for Proximity. There are catches on the media architecture, and it can trigger hard-to-debug bugs. That said, we feel it's good to leave the "unofficial" support there to get more app usage and feedback on what works vs what doesn't. But if you get strange/unexplainable issues, try to disable it (xConfiguration Experimental Byod Mode: Off). 


@ablaisdell - no intention to hide it, but agree "findability" on has room for improvement :) My go-to-route is -> and the heading "Supporting Documents" close to the bottom. 

Another trick I often use is to google with; googling " intelligent proximity administrators guide" takes you to the above link and document.



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BTW: Once this gets out of

BTW: Once this gets out of experimental (next major TC version), it will be possible as an admin to provision the setting centrally; eg avoid having to go into each codec to set it up. This will only be available on the latest-gen endpoints (SX10, SX20 and SX80 based systems, including MX200 G2, MX300 G2, MX700 and MX800).


I get a "Forbidden File or

I get a "Forbidden File or Application" error when I go to -> and click the heading "Supporting Documents" link....



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Do get to the files you have

Do get to the files you have to log in. Did you not get a username/password prompt or where you already logged in when you clicked the links?



I get the error whether I'm

I get the error whether I'm logged in or not.

Kind of odd you have to log in to get the admin guide, imo.

Hi Nicholas Holum, I attached

Hi Nicholas Holum,

 it looks like that you need more than a CCO ... like a Partner access.


Hope this helps.


Hi First of all forgive me if



First of all forgive me if the answer to my question is contained within previously published content in this forum...


I have an MX300 G2.  When I try to share content on my MX, Proximity says the device is incompatible.  The software version is TC7.3.2.14ad7cc.


Can anyone advise how I can resolve this?


Many thanks



Hi sajsood, what device are

Hi sajsood,

 what device are you using to share the content (iOS or Android)?



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Saj,as Marcelo indicates

as Marcelo indicates below - content sharing from video system to device is supported on mobile (iOS and Android). The solution will be released and officially supported with CE 8.0 (out really soon now), whereas it is "experimentally" available (see post from Jens below here on how to enable) in the earlier TC7.x versions. This is not officially supported and has some known limitations.


Sharing content from a device to the video system is not launched yet, but will initially only be supported from laptops (Windows & Mac). We currently conduct testing of the Proximity clients for desktop, and will release those as part of the CE8.0 code.




Hi, You mention that CE 8.0



You mention that CE 8.0 is available real soon now, but that was 5 months ago?  Is there any update on the availability? 


Thanks for any feedback you can provide.


Cisco Employee

It is difficult to give a

It is difficult to give a specific and accurate date on the release. We work by targets and not fixed dates. The date may slide and that is not uncommon unfortunately. We never provide any guarantees on our communicated release targets.



Thanks for the reply, but

Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately, that is quite vague and not useful for explaining the situation to customers.


Given it was imminent 5 months ago, when are you 'targeting' now?  Obviously I won't hold you to it ;)


Thanks again for the response.

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