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Anyconnect for IOS cannot confirm it is connected to your secure gateway


An employee wanted to install the Anyconnect client for his I-pad for when he travels. However whenever he tries to connect he gets the error "Anyconnect cannot confirm it is connected to your secure gateway". This error is usually regarding an untrusted certificate on the ASA, however we have a signed certificate from GoDaddy installed and we have no issues connecting from any other client, even Android.


I unchecked the option for Block Untrusted Servers but the error remains the same. I've troubleshooted it for a while and cannot figure it out. This seems to be on any IOS version 12.4 or later using Anyconnect 4.9


I have searched for other people with same issue but I've come up with nothing from IOS users, only MAC and all have to do with a self signed certificate. Anyone have ideas?

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maybe worth checking did the user connecting using an IP address or FQDN (i am thinking due to the reason your certificate tied with FQDN, not with IP address ?)


is this only device having an issue with IOS, do you have any other IOS device working as expected?



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FQDN or IP it's the same result.


Yes tried it on my I-Pad for first time and got the same results.

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