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Cisco C921 port forwarding

matteo conti


I'm completely new to C921 router. I'm trying to achieve this basic configuration:

I have a PC with static IP address connected on the WAN port of the router, and two other PCs connected through a switch on LAN1 port of the router. They also have static IPs, respectively and, netmask and gateway

How can I configure the router so that traffic from/to and is forwarded through port 8100 and traffic from/to and is forwarded through port 8101?

Thank you very much for any advice,

best regards

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Where is the Traffic coming from Internally or from externally ? (or both ?) ?

what traffic you want to forward to 8100 and 8101 ?

What is the IOS code on the Router- can you post show run to look exiting ACL ?

Do you have Public IP ?


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Thank you for your reply,

here is a schematic representation of the connection. Consider that this is a local network, no internet access is needed and no Public IP.

The traffic on ports 8100 and 8101 is TCP/IP.

connection schemeconnection scheme

how is your Router configured (on the WAN any ouside interface ) ? on the Lan Inside interface ?

what source IP address will access - are they coming from your LAN switch accessing that IP ?

are you looking U-turn traffic ?

check command exmaple of ACL with NAT(if you have NAT configure) :


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To configure your C921 router to forward traffic as described:

  1. Access the router's web interface.
  2. Set up port forwarding rules:
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