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Cisco ISE version 3.2 use advantage license for essential session

Aydin Ehtibarov
Level 1
Level 1

Dear community 

I would like to know is there a method to use advantage license for essential sessions in case if I have a spare Advantage licenses but I am out of compliance on essential licenses.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi  Aydin Ehtibarov,
Licensing for ISE 3.x is actually pretty straight forward. It's not based on users, it's based on the number of unique endpoints (mac addresses) that will be connected to the network at any given point. ISE maintains these sessions until an endpoint disconnects from the network or times out. 

The licensing has three tiers, Essential, Advantage, and Premier. The authorization features you use in ISE when authenticating these unique mac address/endpoints will determine which one of the licenses you need. 

So there is nothing you need to do and the system will count the license amount directly.

The ISE ordering guide walks through the features and what tier they fall in to.  

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