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Vivien Chia
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for attending our Ask the Experts (ATXs) sessions! Here’s the post-session resources for easy reference. Subscribe (how-to) this post to stay up-to-date with latest resources. 

Online guides
Fundamental (Onboard) [ISE] Architecture Transformation Planning: ISE Deployment Considerations 
Getting Started: Getting Smart about NGFW Licenses
Getting Started: NGFW Smart Licensing
[ISE] Getting Started: Product Overview ISE
Getting Started: Secure Network Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch)
Use Case Overview and Planning: Internet Edge Protection
Use Case Overview and Planning: Network Security Analytics using Cisco Secure Network Analytics
[ISE] Use Case Overview and Planning: User Access Control 
Fundamental (Implement) [SecureX] Component Integration: SecureX 3rd Party Relay Modules 
[ISE] Deployment Best Practices: Best Practices in User Deployments 
[SecureX] Deployment Best Practices: SecureX
Feature Overview: Intrusion Prevention System Overview
Installation/Implementation Best Practices: Internet Edge Firewall 
[ISE] Installation/Implementation Best Practices: TACACS/RADIUS Deployments 
Intermediate (Use)
Feature Overview: Access Policy and Advanced Threat
Feature Overview: Cisco Secure Network Analytics Core Features 
Feature Overview: Cisco Secure Network Analytics Host Groups and Tuning 
[DUO] Feature Overview: Duo Single Sign-On 
Feature Overview: Network Address Translation Overview 
Feature Overview: NGFW Application Detection and URL Policies
[SecureX] Feature Overview: SecureX Device Insight
[SecureX] Feature Overview: SecureX Ribbon Browser Extension 
Feature Overview: Threat Intelligence Overview 
[ISE] Feature Overview: User Devices Administration 
Monitoring Best Practices: Dashboards, Reports and Analysis 
Troubleshooting Best Practices: Cisco Secure Firewall Connectivity 
Intermediate (Engage) Advanced Feature Overview: Cisco Secure Network Analytics APIs 
[SecureX] Advanced Feature Overview: SecureX Orchestration 
[ISE] Operations Planning and Best Practices: Avoiding ISE Meltdown 
Operations Planning and Best Practices: Integrating Cisco Secure Network Analytics into Security Operations and Response 
Operations Planning and Best Practices: FW Rule Lifecycle Management
Advanced (Adopt)
Adapting to Changes: Cisco Secure Network Analytics Integration with SecureX 
[ISE] Adapting to Changes: Evolving Network Policy 

ISE communities:

Other communities:

Adapting to Changes: Managing Cisco Secure Firewall with Application Programming Interfaces 
[SecureX] Expanding to New Use Case: SecureX Threat Response with Orchestration (newly added)
Advanced (Optimize) Performance Tuning Best Practices: Initial Policy Tuning Best Practices 
Upgrade Planning and Best Practices: Cisco Secure Network Analytics 
[ISE] Upgrade Planning and Best Practices: Upgrading ISE 
Upgrade Planning & Best Practices: Upgrading NGFW Techniques & Scenarios

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