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Cisco TSAgent using up resources on Windows 2019 RDS Server


Hi, I have followed the Cisco instructions on setting this up within Cisco Firepower Management Center version (build 34). The Cisco FMC is showing all of the clients correctly and where they are going so the information I'm getting is all good. I do have it all setup correctly in the FMC.


I have also set this up running the initial release a year or so back and have setup the 1.2 version a few months later. 

The first issue that I had was setting the time up to point to the Cisco Firepower Management server. When I did this the RDS 2019 server after a week or so had an issue with the time when pointing to the FMC. The FMC is running on Linux so I wasn't sure how to point the FMC to our Domain Controller which is setup for our servers to get the time from. However the FMC is pointing to an external time source.

Besides the time issue, the other issue is that the memory resources are not getting released and it starts using up all of the resources by the end of the 3rd week.


I have 48GB of memory on this RDS virtual server and without running the TSAgent, I can have 50 RDS clients connected for over a month with 48% of resources still available. When the TSAgent is running, after bout 3 weeks it's down to almost nothing until the server locks up.


Has anyone else experienced this?


Thank you,



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