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DCNM Performance data not getting captured


this issue was fixed by applying the below steps:

  1. Authentication issue was causing switches to be not discovered properly. This was resolved by correctly configuring SNMP.
  2. PM data was still not being collected properly because ES indices were taking up too much space and had reached the space limit.
  3. The bloated indices in the Elastic Search db were cleaned up.
    1. Customer did not have curl Command line tool. Chrome was installed and the http requests were send using javascript.
  4. Re-indexing of the ES was done.
    1. Script was provided for the same.
  5. Same issue was seen again after a while.
  6. Did a more thorough clean-up of elastic search.
  7. Some of the indices were not re-initialised properly.
  8. These indices were created manually.
  9. The pm.daysToKeep was decreased so that ES would store less data in general, and would not bloat up again like this.
  10. After complete server reboot, Performance Data was working as expected.

The lack of the curl tool in the customer environment meant we had to employ a lot of workarounds as well

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