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Most innovative Cisco product?

Hey guys,Cisco equipment as been paramount to keeping us connected to the Internet. There are an overwhelming number of Cisco solutions and products available to us, both as customers and enterprises.What is your favourite Cisco product?

pakerg9 by Level 1
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Unable to break dialtone

Have an odd one I'm hoping someone may be able to shed some light on.Using a VG224 gateway on CUCM 14. I have one phone that cannot break dial tone. I can hear the DTMF tones as I dial, but I cannot break dial tone and actually complete a call. If I ...

thelsun1 by Level 1
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How do I find the IP address of a switch?

Asking for a friend. The console port is so beat up that I can't plug my console cable into it and it's not a 'just bend it back with pliers' kind of thing, I can't factory reset the switch and lose the existing configuration and when I plug into eth...

dhantaram by Level 1
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2960x possible port on/off automation?

Hello all,curious to know if its possible to shutdown or turn on an interface port if the switch cant ping a certain IP?Long story short, we have a certain situation for DR automation that cant work if the device on two of the switches ports can stil...

byunkib2 by Level 1
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Cisco 2921 Router purchased - NOT reset.

Hi Cisco community, this is my first time posting here so let me know if i make any mistakes.I have purchased a Cisco 2900 Series ISR off ebay for around 20 bucks, it was originally just to take a step towards learning Cisco IOS more thoughly but aft...

keasrij3 by Level 1
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cbs350 and LAG group limitation of 8

Hello,I was recently surprised to discover that CBS350 now has a significantly reduced number of allowed LAG groups, from 32 in previous versions to just 8. Unfortunately, I only became aware of this change after it was too late to reconsider my deci...

sokink8 by Level 1
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AIR-AP2802I-E-K9 random wireless network stalemate

Hello everybodyI've a problem with some AIR-AP2802I-E-K9. Sometimes and randomly they seem to have the network traffic trough wifi hanging. I mean internet and network not responding for some seconds or minutes, but the ethernet connection and intern...

nohilp1 by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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Router to Azure Cloud

Hi Everyone, We are currently planning to have private connection to Azure Cloud for onprem migration to Cloud as one of our assessment we need to include a Cisco Router that can accommodate at least 200 or 300+ servers. I would like to know if you h...

drulj2 by Level 1
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Replacing Juniper GWs with Cisco

Hello Everyone. I am working on replacing juniper GW(production)switches with C9500’s. Those junipers are in active standby.My approach is pre-stage cisco switches copy configs from juniper to cisco. Here one question is juniper GWs are using vrrp fo...

aziel51 by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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9800-L WLC Controller and CA Signed Cert Web Server

Does anyone have a Cisco 9800-L WLC Controller and successful installed a CA Signed Cert for Web Server? Not making the Certificate signing request, but actually already have the PEM and other files locally. Cisco TAC can't figure it out. The documen...

classintr by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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RSP720-3C-GE in a CISCO7609-S chassis

I have no experience with this hardware and i can't get it to work. Booting an image lands me in rommon with the error message:Baseboard and rommon type mismatch. Rommon upgrade needed.%Software-forced reloadI switched over the MSFC4 to a RSP720-3C-1...

vermat51 by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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