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I am brand new to the Cisco world and would love to know where to start to get my CCNA! Would doing Udemy courses and other classes be enough to get those certifications? How long did it take you to get your CCNA? Is it worth going for? Or any other ...

selmon89 by Beginner
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I am interested to purchase a Catalyst Access Point like the Catalyst 9115. However I find many variations such as C9115AXE-EC9115AXE-HC9115AXE-EWC-EC9115AXI-EC9115AXI-EWC-EWhat the letters AXE-E, AXE-H, EWC-E and so on mean?

evanp456 by Beginner
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Hello,Is it necessary to connect the two DC inputs of a Cisco IE2000 to the same power supply? Although this is not fully redundant, a previous employee's response (copied below) indicates that DC-A and DC-B are inputs to two separate internal power ...

I have a CBS110 series unmanaged switch.  I have starlink and it’s not connecting (via the Ethernet adapter) to the switch. I get a solid orange light (on the right) with no traffic indicator on the switch. Starlink won’t provide support for 3rd part...

C-Rad by Beginner
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Hello,Does a Cisco IE2000 require both DC inputs to be connected to the same power supply? Although this isn't fully redundant, my research has revealed that DC-A and DC-B are inputs to two different internal power supplies. Hence, I believe DC-A and...

Hi Team cisco,I am part of cisco and i am using cisco 3750 switch. Can you help me with block a single Laptop/Desktop mac address on cisco whole switch, not a single port. Thanks & RegardsRajan

rk6171485 by Beginner
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