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Does anyone have the appropriate way i could enable logging in the syslog messages to see what commands are sent to a box from a user? Trying to debug a script and i'm aiming to see what the box itself sees as far as commands and logout requests. Cur...

Could you tell me how to downgrade the software 17.3.x from 17.9.x? If something happens during upgrading 17.9.x from 17.3.X, I will downgrade. Do I need to remove SMU file? Is the following correct?On 17.9.Delete SMU install remove file bootflash: <...

Resolved! Firewall

I'm sorry if my question is so stupid. I don't know that is there any Cisco's ASA firewall just have port FE 10/100 or all of product are FE 10/100/1000 and GE? Thanks.

21521561 by Level 1
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Hi, What options are available for licencing Cisco virtual asa? I know for manual typing activation key in cli. Believe there is also option for via asdm. But if I activate licence at licencing portal on Cisco site, will it be enough for asa that whe...

I might be looking in all the wrong places for the answer for this. And haven’t really found the correct answer from my findings.Is the following switch a layer 3 or layer 2 with some layer 3 functionality?Cisco WS-C2960C-8PC-L 8 Port Fast Ethernet P...

Hey Cisco Community! I have been eyeing my dream intern role at Cisco for a while now, and have been able to get a good amount of relevant work experience of almost 1+ years of product mgmt intern experience that tailors well to thus role.I am applyi...

astuk by Level 1
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Help me settle something here. I have pro services set up 2x 8300 routers(active passive) for our wan with 1gb interfaces. Since it’s been set up we’ve been having qos issues. Voice, vpn, etc it’s just a mess! Thing is the 1gb bandwidth is not even b...

fugio9 by Level 1
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Has anyone enabled these on the cat 9ks? We have it enabled on about 120 devices. The data is somewhat useful but we aren't getting the full picture since our routers don't have dna license.Anyways we've had a couple of issues where endpoints have be...

saskun by Level 1
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I've been installing a pair of ISE appliances recently and just performed an upgrade from 3.0-3.2 patch 2. Everything went smooth one ISE1, but on ISE2 after the upgrade I was unable to access the GUI and when I rebooted the device the CLI came up as...

taxo00 by Level 1
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If some devices have SBL installed and others don’t, is there a method to upgrade both AnyConnect and SBL on the systems with SBL and only upgrade AnyConnect without trying to install SBL on systems that don’t already have SBL?It doesn’t appear that ...

castro8 by Level 1
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