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Bgp Neighbour Transition

hi everyone,


Today i wana ask you about bgp transition. This mean is, i have 2 different bgp neighbour one of them is backup and also admin down in normal state. until now i did this bgp transition with usin applet which check the bgp neighbour state of my first line and if this neighbourity was going down thanks to this applet 3G bgp neighbour was going up. But today i realize that altough my dmvpns which are on my first line are down, the applet didn't work because of my bgp status. My bgp neighbour didn't down, they seemed up. So how can i controll this situation entirely. However i have 3g line i couldn't use it. Here is my applet;


event manager applet 3G_BGP_SwitchOn authorization bypass
event tag one syslog pattern "%BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor 172.x.x.1 Down" maxrun 30
event tag two syslog pattern "%BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor 172.x.x.2 Down"
trigger occurs 1 delay 15
correlate event one and event two
attribute tag one occurs 1
attribute tag two occurs 1
action 01 cli command "en"
action 02 cli command "conf t"
action 03 cli command "router bgp 101"
action 04 cli command "no neighbor 172.x.x.1 shutdown"
action 05 cli command "no neighbor 172.x.x.2 shutdown"
action 06 cli command "end"
action 07 syslog msg "3G_BGP_SwitchOn"
action 08 cli command "wr"

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