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Ipad connection

I would like to connect my iPad to the webex App, to use it in classes. How do I do that?I can't enter the number on the ipadI usually teach classes on the computer and use the ipad to share contentIs it possible to make this pairing?thank you in adv...

beckthome by Beginner
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Problems with the appearance in group-segments within a webex-meeting

I've worked very well with Webex in the last semester. I was able to take part in events and also hold my own meetings. For 3 weeks now I have been regularly "flying" out of Webex meetings when the lecturers divide us into group rooms. The problem is...

Missing invitation

I have the latest Webex download on my apple iOS. In the past I’ve had no problems checking in meetings every 3 months. Now my doctor wants me to check in weekly. He said he has sent the invite, but I cannot find the invitation even in my junk mail. ...

Kramvols by Beginner
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I am getting login failed error for Cisco anyconnect secure mobility client. can any suggest me how to resolve this.

I am getting login failed error for Cisco any connect secure mobility client. can any suggest me how to resolve this. I am thinking this is because of Ethernet settings of my PC. Please find the ethernet settings and error message screenshots. Please...

Is it possible play a WebEx meeting recording within my iOS app when the screen is locked?

My company is build an iOS app and a key feature we need to implement is the ability to listen to call recordings when the device is locked. The use case is this:In our app, find a meeting with a recordingTap a button to go to said recordingThe app l...

JimboC by Beginner
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Bgp Neighbour Transition

hi everyone,   Today i wana ask you about bgp transition. This mean is, i have 2 different bgp neighbour one of them is backup and also admin down in normal state. until now i did this bgp transition with usin applet which check the bgp neighbour sta...