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Recurring series and exceptions for Meetings

I wonder can someone help.
I'm currently working on integrating WebEx directly in to our application and am trying to add the ability to create exceptions in recurring meeting series. Documentation seems extremely sparse when it comes to getting this working. I found the release notes for where the recurrenceKey was added to the SetMeeting method/request, but there is no description (that I can find) for the elements that make up the type.
Is the timestamp the original timestamp for the instance of the series? What format - is it the original full date and time for the instance or as in an outlook appointment recurring series the original date is just that, the date. What is the recurrenceID is this the series meetingKey or is this some other ID, if so how do I determine it as I can't see it in the GetMeeting response. Although I see in the service.xsd the recurrenceID is listed as a long so that kind of rules out the meeting key as this value - so where can I find this? Looking at the release notes again for the appropriate version of the API I found that the recurrenceId is the long representation of the timestamp. I'm using C#, is this the ticks property of a DateTime object?
Is there some more documentation I am missing here? Are there any samples for creating an exception in a meeting recurring series using SetMeeting?
If anyone needs further info - then please let me know.
Many Thanks
Update 2016-10-05 20:30 BST:
I've carried on doing some digging on this and from what I can see lstSummarySession returns the recurrenceId - and from that I was able to deduce that the recurrenceID is the milliseconds since Unix Epoch. I'll update further when I can get this to work.

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