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Please note the Webex For Developers forum above has a more active community. Content will be migrating to this forum in the near future. For additional help, you can go to the Webex for Developers Support page.

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Hopefully, the community can contribute to or use this program.Go-CDR ( Cisco Collaboration Manager (CUCM/CCM) CDR/CMR files as well as Cisco UBE (CUBE) CDR files and inserts them into a database. Inserts CDR...

ziondials by Beginner
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It appears to me that there is no real security in Incoming Webhooks. I'd like to use it to send some alert messages from Azure/OpenShift etc. but it seems like the 'security' it uses is just a long hard to guess URL. There's no authentication per sa...

Hello,  I'm doing a little research here, by means of possible WebEx integration options, namely - Outlook integration.  So there are 2 questions that I have now: 1. Is there any way to retrieve meeting by the meetingLink or meetingNumber (that are p...

Hello everyone,My company is planning to integrate a video conferencing service into one of our apps. We expect the following primary features from the video conferencing platform.ability to create a video conference between two parties from the back...

Anubis1 by Beginner
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Hi all, I have been asked by a customer if there is an API command to get the URL a user needs to join a training session. For Meetings this is possible via “GetJoinURL” I was wondering if I have missed something or if this API command is not availab...

lbaldwin by Beginner
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