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Interested in widget development for the Webex Contact Center? Catch the latest webinar from the Webex Developer Evangelism team on "Unlocking the Power of Custom Widgets in Webex Contact Center". This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to...

kaabadi by Cisco Employee
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Building on the Webex Contact Center? Looking for a community of other developers? We have a special community just for you! https://community.cisco.com/t5/contact-center/webex-contact-center-apis-developer-community-and-support/td-p/4558270  

We are excited to inform you that the Webex Developer Beta program is officially OPEN! With the support of the Webex Beta Platform, you now have the opportunity to access the Webex Developer Platform's APIs, SDKs, and other features before anyone els...

There are a couple of questions that are regulary raised in the #webex4devs space. Let's collect them here along with the answers. Please use seperate discussions for questions to not pollute this collection. Feel free to extend the collection.   The...

dtibbe by VIP
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Hello Community! I have started creating a bot and would like to get an output based on user input. Example: User: @AskCSON case 413546 Output: Returning case details. Information are saved on an table (excel file). I have tried with dialog flow, but...

luizsilv by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! webex API

When I use the https://webexapis.com/v1/people interface to get the list of people, the return value only contains the information of one person, not the other person's information, but in the Webex mobile app, my list contains other contacts

I have some questions to ask about tokens. How the token is written to the SDK, or it does not need to be written to the SDK. And when I used the code in the demo to get the collection of calendar meetings, I got an error with InternalError. Excuse m...

 Don't Miss the Inaugural Webex Connect Webinar!   Save the Date: Wednesday, February 28th  Time: 10:00 AM Pacific Time Webex Connect: An Introduction to How CPaaS APIs and Flows Come Together for CX Automation  This session will offer a comprehensi...

kaabadi by Cisco Employee
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Hot-off-the-press! "Introducing SCIM 2.0: Revolutionizing User Identity Management on Webex" about unleashing the power of SCIM2.0, an industry standard implemented by Webex designed to make managing user identities a breeze. With automation and inno...

kaabadi by Cisco Employee
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Hello. I`m trying to control a Global Cache Flex relay unit, via PUT command. I have used Insomnia to control the device, and it works fine from there. When I use Cisco to control this, I get an error back from the device. It looks like this: 16:23:3...