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WebEx API record an Event session

Level 1
Level 1

Is there a way to indicate through the XML API that a WebEx Event session should be recorded?  I see there is a LstRecordedEvent call but no reference anywhere to how to record an event so that it can be listed.

Is there also a way to mark a Training Session to be recorded through the API?

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Level 5
Level 5

The WebEx XML API can configure a event to allow or disable recording; but it cannot force the host to record the event.

If you wish to force recording the only option is a Site-Wide change; this will force all sessions to record and cant be over-ridden by the host.. this however will be in effect for every event if its enabled.

Here is the option you'll find in SiteAdmin under EventCenter/TrainingCenter site options.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 12.43.41 PM.png

Best Regards,

Ryan Hunt

WebEx API Support

Thank you Ryan that is good to know.

Can you show me what the piece of the XML request look like that allows / disables recording on an event/training session basis?  I don't see anything like that in the XML API Reference Guide.

For Training Center in CreateTraningsession/SetTrainingsession


Thanks for the snippet for training sessions.  Do you know if the same is possible for events?